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This large tapered red cabinet originated from Fujian province, China, and is approx. 100 years old. This is made of Fir wood and this is the original red colour in a matte finish. The butterfly-shaped brass plate on the front is a new replacement piece, and it was made similar to the original one. The cabinet has a “high top”, and on the inside the topmost shelf has a half depth. The depth of this half shelf is 25cm, and the height (including the space inside the top of the cabinet) is 31cm. The second shelf is 42cm deep and 30.5cm high, the shelf at the bottom is 45cm deep and 35cm high. This impressive cabinet is a definite conversation piece!
Length at the top = 125cm, length at the bottom = 126cm.
Width at the top = 49.5cm, width at the bottom = 56cm.
Overall height = 174cm.

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