Teal Blue Tapered Cabinet with Old Carvings from Zhejiang


A newly-made tapered cabinet with old carvings from Zhejiang province, the carvings are approx. 60-80 years old.
The doors have carvings of a horse (left) & tiger (right) in the middle, surrounded by squirrels, grapes and quails; the grapes mean that whatever you do will bear fruit, and as the Chinese name for squirrel (song shu) has a word that sounds like the chinese word for “count” (shu), it also means that you will have lots of money, so much that you never stop counting. Quails are a symbol for courage, fighting spirit as well as marital loyalty.
At the bottom section are carvings of cocks/chickens. they stand for good luck as the chinese word 鸡 jī sounds the same as 吉 jí, which means auspicious & lucky.

Internally, the shelves are removable but not adjustable. The shelf height for the top is 46cm as for the rest is 43cm.

Dimensions: L108 x D42 x H179cm

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