Antique Zhejiang Kitchen Cabinet


This is an especially tall and handsome antique kitchen cabinet from Zhejiang province. Made of Elm and Pine wood, this is approx. 100 years of age.

The openwork carvings across the top on the doors are magnolia (玉兰花 yù lán huā), and the relief carvings in the middle of the doors are peony (牡丹 mǔdān). The latticework on the doors are simple yet has a very nice pointed profile, like a triangle, which is a beautiful and subtle detail. The brass handles on the doors are original, but the ring pulls on two of the drawers are replacements. Internally, the heights of the shelves from top to bottom are: 34.5cm, 30.5cm & 30.5cm.

Do let us know if you would like the shelves adjusted.

Dimensions: W111 x D55 x H209cm.

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