Antique 2-tier Brown Fujian Cabinet


This antique cabinet originated from Fujian province, and is approx. 100 years old. The original colours of these cabinets were red, black & gold but the colours were not in good condition so they were stripped, revealing the beautiful wood underneath and the carvings really stand out as a result! The carvings on this cabinet are fantastic and very interesting. The main highlights are the door panels of the top tier.
Left door: there is a pair of elephants and vessels holding lotus flowers, pomegranates and the Buddha’s citron. There is also a carp with a dragon head, this captures the moment the carp transforms into a dragon as it successfully jumps over the dragon gate.
Right door: there is a pair of lions, with vessels holding a lingzhi, cherry blossoms, a ball of ribbon and a bat (good fortune). The cabinet was made of Fir wood and the carved panels were made of Camphor wood.
Dimensions = W98 x D50 x H196cm

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