Bedfront Carving from Zhejiang province, China

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An antique wooden bedfront carving from Zhejiang province, China.

This carving is filled with lots of birds & flowers that carry good meanings. Right at the top is a pair of phoenixes & peonies, this is a very auspicious combination that symbolises prosperity & happiness. The inner border of the carving is framed by the trunk of a Pine tree and you can see that it extends out into pine leaves & branches throughout the carving; Pine tree represents longevity due to its resilience against harsh weather.

You can also see lots of squirrels and grapes, this is a popular theme which you will find on other mediums like paintings, porcelain, teapots etc, it means abundance in good fortune and offsprings. Lastly, on both sides, the carving ends with a beautiful woven basket of flowers at the bottom. The original colour of this carving was already damaged, therefore we completely strip it to reveal the wood underneath, we find that this allows all the details to stand out very well.

L223 x H178cm

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