Old Camphor Chest


A large old camphor chest from Shanghai, China, approx. 80-100 years old. The old Camphor chests were made using a single plank of wood for every side (including the base) and so the wood grains are showcased beautifully. This piece has wonderful expressive wood grains and a nice honey colour. The brass hardware are all replaced with new ones as the old ones were incomplete, as such, there are markings on the chest where the old hardware used to be. Camphor wood has a natural fragrance which keeps out small insects like silver fish, and therefore in the past were used to make chests for the storage of books, scrolls, clothing & bedding etc. For this reason, the inside of the chest is left raw.

They will go nicely in front of the bed and works great as a coffee table as well.

L96 x W52 x H48cm.

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