Medium Tapered Cabinet with Old Carvings 2


A newly-made medium-sized tapered cabinet with old carvings from Zhejiang province, the carvings are approx. 80-100 years old, these had been stripped to its natural wood colour and the newly-made body had been stained as closely as we can to match. Internally, the shelf is removable but not adjustable, and the shelf heights are 42cm (top) & 39cm (bottom). The dark reddish brown colour on the inside of the doors show the original colour of these old doors. LED lights had been added inside.

Width of the legs = 86.5cm, width of cabinet top = 83.5cm, depth of cabinet top = 41.5cm, overall height = 128cm.

*Wine bottles inside the cabinet are for illustration purposes only, they are not for sale.

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