Late 19th Century Canopy Bed from Shanxi province, China


An antique canopy bed from Shanxi province made of Elm wood. This bed has all the attention focused on the front carvings while keeping a very simple and clean overall look. There is an extended area in front of the bed (around 67cm wide x H20cm) which acts as a foot rest, and is also a place where a washbasin stand would have been placed. On the carving, you can see a wide variety of mostly auspicious flowers and animals, for example the phoenix, kirin, fish, peony, lotus & cherry blossom, just to name a few. The rattan weave top has been replaced with a new one, and a wooden plank has been added below for added strength. The colour and patina is in very good condition and kept original. All the posts, carved panels and solid panels can be dismantled, and only the platform bed is in a single piece.

W 245 cm x D 191 cm x H 240cm, seat height = 59cm.

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