Antique Wooden Statue of Guanyin


This wooden figure is identified as Guanyin by a few elements: she is seated on a lotus and holding a vase on her left hand, the vase is believed to contain pure water capable of relieving suffering. A miniature image of Buddha Amitabha is often seen in her crown, in this instance Buddha is depicted seated on a roof over Guanin. The 2 children warriors on both sides of Buddha are her assistants, the girl warrior is called 龙女 (lóng nǚ) and the boy warrior is called 善财 (shàn cái). Widely regarded as the personification of compassion and kindness, Guanyin is also commonly known as the Goddess of Mercy.

The rectangular piece at the bottom may have been added later on to increase stability. W18 x D11 x H44cm.

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