Colourful Teochew Door Panel


This pair of old door panels come from Chaozhou (Teochew), southern China and is approx. 70-90 years old (early republic times). The colours on these doors are in fairly good condition, very vibrant and full of character, so we had left it original. On the top, the small panels have very simple paintings on a carved scroll design, in the middle panels are carvings of lions and trees. The highlight is the main carvings in the middle featuring a pair of phoenixes & peonies on each side. This is a very auspicious combination, and you will often see this combination on paintings and other carvings as well. Behind this carving is a panel which can be opened, in this way the owner can see who is outside before opening the door.
The doors are not attached together, but if you need them hinged or need a stand made for them, this is possible at a small cost, please call or drop us a message to discuss. If you have a large empty wall, these vintage doors can also act as a backdrop or wall decoration in place of a painting.
Size per panel = W65cm x H229cm, thickness 5cm.

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