Tall Woven Basket from Zhejiang

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A tall wicker & rattan basket from Zhejiang, China, approx. 50 years old. There was a reddish coating on the exterior before but some of it had been worn off due to age and wear & tear. Some rivets were used to secure the handles, these were most likely added on more recently as repairs or reinforcements.

There are some words written on the handles, we are not able to explain all of them but below are the ones we can decipher:

On one side in the middle: 张青云. This is a person’s name, it could either be the maker’s or the owner’s name.

On the other side in the middle: 一九七三年四月置。Made in April 1973.

借用即送,再借不难:if you borrow something and return it right after you are done, it will not be difficult to borrow again.

Dimensions: W39 x 40cm, height 60cm.

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