Oval Woven Tool Basket 2 – Slightly Torn at Base

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An old woven basket used as a working tool basket, the top has a shallow space which lets you put aside your small tools, the bottom of the basket is hollow and acts like a cover to keep aside work that you had done halfway. Meant for small handwork tools like knitting, weaving or peeling of vegetables. The top, middle and bottom are secured by a bamboo strip and brass studs to give it some rigidity and hold it’s shape.

The weave on these baskets are very exquisite, considering these were used by common households. This one has nice contrasting red & green colours on the bamboo “bands” and the hexagonal weave. There is a slight damage at the bottom on one side, but you cannot see through it because of an inner layer of bamboo weave. L42 x W24 x H33cm.

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