CLEARANCE SALE: Vintage Carved Fujian Sideboard in Cool Grey


This carved sideboard originated from Fujian province, which is at the southeastern part of China, and is approx. 80-100 years old. It is made of Elm wood and Fir wood, and the carved panels in front are made of Camphor wood. This is because Camphor wood is a soft wood without too many knots, which makes it suitable for carving. The cabinet top is made of a single plank of Ficus wood, this is a distinctive trait of this type of cabinets.

The original colour of Fujian pieces are mainly red & gold, or red, black & gold. However, the original colour of this piece was already very damaged and hard to restore, therefore we had this repainted to a cool grey colour.

L138 x D46.5 x H92cm.

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