Old Carved Fujian Sideboard repainted in Dusty Pink

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An old carved sideboard from Fujian province, southern China, approx. 80-100 years old. The original colour was red & gold but was badly damaged, therefore we had this repainted in a new colour. Cabinets from Fujian are typically made of Elm wood, Fir wood and the carved panels are made of Camphor. However, this type of sideboard have one distinct trait; its table top is made of a single plank of Ficus wood. There are two columns of words in front that hints that this was used by a newly wed couple. On the left: 百年恩爱双心结, on the right: 千里姻缘一线牵. It means that even though they are thousands of miles apart before they knew each other, they will meet and fall in love. They will love each other for hundreds of years and always have each other in their hearts.

L154 x D49.5 x H88cm.

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