CLEARANCE SALE: Shandong Armchair with Storage Below


A very interesting armchair, this is actually a combination of two pieces of furniture. This type of wooden armchairs are very comfortable as they recline more than the classic designs. As the legs were badly damaged, its owner ingeniously modified it by installing it on top of a low blanket chest! The result is a very comfortable armchair with storage below. Both pieces are from Shandong so the styles match, and also this can only be achieved if the colours of the two pieces match well. Approx. 80-100 years old, original colour finished with a clear semi-gloss lacquer.

There are several iron strips inserted at a few points on the backrest, these were added as reinforcements. There are 3 drawers on the chest, and you can access the “secret” compartment below by pulling out the drawers completely.

Dimensions: L107 x D63 x H85cm

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