Tall Kitchen Cabinet from Zhejiang, with Latticework on 3 Sides


A tall kitchen cabinet from Zhejiang province, approx. 100 years old. The top & bottom doors have different lattice patterns, and the sides have open vertical slats. Made of Elm & Pine woods, this piece has a very beautiful original colour & patina. There is an interesting locking mechanism on the lattice doors, the slim plain panel between the lattice portions can be slid towards the centre stile to “lock” the doors in place. Slide this panel away from the centre stile to release the “lock”.

Internally, the heights of the shelves are (from top to bottom): 28cm, 32cm, 31cm & 34.5cm.
In the bottom section, the middle panel can be taken out and opens to a large storage area inside. The 2 panels on both sides can be removed too.
Overall dimensions = W110 x D55 x H213cm.

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