Tall 2-tier Ju wood Cabinet from Shanghai

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A tall & handsome cabinet from Shanghai with beautiful Ju wood grains. Every panel used for this cabinet, i.e. the doors, the sides, the drawer and bottom panels is a single piece of Ju wood panel, showcasing the wood grains perfectly. The middle section at the bottom used to be just a removable panel, but has been converted into a flip down panel to make it easier to use. The inside edges have been taped so that there will be not be any visible gaps should there be any shrinkage of the panels, it has been further decorated with paintings of the cloud motif. What is very interesting is the chinese character寿 (meaning longevity) was written on a large piece of red paper and stuck on the back of the cabinet! The original brass handles also has designs of peaches and the longevity character carved onto it. This could have been a gift to an elderly person to wish them longevity, or simply the owner’s desire to have a long life.

W109 x D54 x H217cm

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