Old Kitchen Cabinet from Zhejiang, Repainted in Sea Green


This kitchen cabinet originated from Zhejiang province, and is approx. 80-100 years old. The highlight of this cabinet is that the carvings, latticework and even the “pumpkin” holding the hinges of the doors are very fine, although the patterns are not unusual, its proportions are smaller and finer than the usual. The carvings on the doors are (from L-R): cherry blossom, orchid, bamboo & chrysanthemum, symbolising the four seasons.

All the doors are slatted to allow air circulation, and gauze was stuck on the inside of the doors to prevent flies from touching the food. The 2 bottom shelves have sliding doors and slatted shelves to store “wet” items so that the moisture can drip down; some believed live poultry was kept in those bottom compartments. We had refinished in a sea green colour with rubbed brown edges, and then a semi-matte clear lacquer.

Dimensions: L100 x D53.5 x H182cm.

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