Elm wood Shanxi coffer cabinet


An antique Elm wood carved coffer cabinet from Shanxi province, approx. 100-120 years old. The patina on this piece is original and so are the striking colours on the carvings. Deers are often used to symbolize prosperity, and you can see them being carved onto the drawers. The Chinese characters on the front loosely translates into “house of good luck and prosperity”. The Buddhist swastika pattern on the doors are carved through, allowing some ventilation in the bottom compartment. If you look closely, there are 2 very small drawers at the top of both sides of the aprons, just under the table top. They do not have any handles on them but can be pushed out from the sides.

There are signs of wear and tear which is consistent with its age, and adds to its overall charm & character.

L109 x D47.5 x H82cm
Internal dimensions = L66 x D36 x H30cm

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