CLEARANCE SALE: Vintage 2-tier Carved Fujian Cabinet


An old red & gold 2-tier cabinet from Fujian province, approx. 80-100 years old. Made of Elm & Fir woods, with the carvings made from Camphor wood, this cabinet has excellent carvings and paintings throughout and also has very good proportion. The carvings has the theme of birds and flowers, and the original painting in gold are also in good condition. The paintings on the door on the right shows the story of Pan Yue, a writer & politician from the Western Jin dynasty, touring the Luoyang city. On the left is a painting of Li Bai, a famous poet enjoying a pot of wine in a pavilion, while servants bring him snacks.

The original colour has been preserved and finished with a semi-matte clear lacquer. This is an amazing piece now going at half price.

Dimensions = W99 x D51 x H196cm.

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