Antique Chinese Wedding Cabinet with Carving


An antique wedding cabinet from Zhejiang province, China, approx. 100-120 years old. This piece has a very beautiful original red colour and a nice big round brass plate which is its original one as well. The cabinet has carvings on top containing many auspicious symbols; right in the middle is a circular longevity symbol, surrounded by bats and clouds, bats symbolizing good fortune. The wooden knobs on top holding the door hinges are in the shape of butterflies, while those below are in the shape of Ruyi (clouds).

Made with an Elm wood frame and Pine wood interior and back, the shelves and drawers are original but the plank leading to the secret compartment below had been replaced. Note that the sides of the cabinet are dark brown in colour.

An absolutely charming & unique piece that’s bound to make a statement anywhere it goes, it provides a generous amount of storage as well.

W105 x D62 x H174cm.

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