Late 19th Century Door Panels with Latticework and Carvings


Late 19th century door panels with lattice patterns and carvings from Jiangxi province, China. This set of doors have a very beautiful and highly unusual lattice pattern. Besides the floral elements, there are also cloud motifs embedded amongst the pattern. The red, green and mustard colors on the lattice have faded quite a lot, but it has faded to such an attractive hue, that only adds to its beauty and character. On the top panels are carvings of various birds, animals and flowers. In the middle sections, two of the panels feature a pair of phoenix, and another two feature a kirin and a phoenix. Overall these four panels has excellent patina and original color.

Per panel = W 62 cm x D 5 cm x H 239 cm.

Set of 4 panels.

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