A Pair of Vintage Fujian Cabinet Doors


This pair of panels was from Fujian province, China, and is approx. 80-100 years old. They were cabinet doors that had been converted into wall hangings. The paintings on the panels are original and still in fairly good condition. There are various auspicious items like flowers, vases, lions and the Buddha’s citron fruit. The Chinese word for vase 瓶 (píng), is a homonym for the word 平, which means peace, which is why they’re often seen in carvings and paintings. Just above this painting are carvings of bats, again the Chinese word for bat 蝠 (fú), is a homonym for the word 福, which means good fortune.
On the top are through carvings of magpies and flowers, magpies are also commonly called “the bearer of good news”.
Dimensions = 38 x 3 x 91cm

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