New Arrivals

Showcased here are a selection of our new arrivals from our latest shipments. For the full album kindly visit our Facebook page.

New Arrivals 10 January 2020

New Arrivals 12 December 2019

New Arrivals 5 October 2019

An antique red lacquered sideboard from Shanxi province, China, approx. 200 years old. Beautiful deep red colour and the crackle on the lacquer is consistent with its age, most of the brass hardware is original as well. At 2.5m long, it will make a statement in any room and is extremely functional as well.

L-R: an antique red & gold washbasin stand from Fujian, a small cabinet with antique doors from Chaozhou, a large and handsome black lacquer spindle door cabinet from Zhejiang, and one of a pair of armchairs from Shandong.

New Arrivals 6 September 2019

New Arrivals 30 August 2019

New Arrivals 7 August 2019

New Arrivals 4 July 2019

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