Hand Painted Silk Wall Coverings

Create a more beautiful and relaxing environment with our hand painted silk wall coverings. These decorative masterpieces are products of the gifted hands of painters from China and other parts of the world. Featuring nature-inspired designs and great colour combinations, these wall coverings will give your space a conservative yet elegant look and feel.

The elegance in silk hand-painted wall coverings speak volumes about the rich history of China, silk being one of the most popular products of China. Painters use the material to create decorative products, such as hand painted silk wall coverings. Just Anthony is proud to offer you a great selection of artistic pieces that feature realistic images of flowers, birds, trees and butterflies. With this range of design options, you will find the wall covering that will match your home or office decor.

Timeless designs painted on an exquisite fabric like silk, it will surely add a touch of class to your home. Break the monotony of modern furniture by adding these beautiful, hand-painted wallpapers in various themes and colours.

Visit our store to see how beautiful these works of art are. Our staff will assist you in choosing the right design that will work best for your working or living space.

Patt 101A

Patt 101B

Patt 102A

Patt 103A

Patt 103A

Patt 102B

Patt 103B

Patt 104A

Patt 104B

Patt 105A

Patt 105B

Patt 106B

Patt 107A

Patt 108A

Patt 108A

Patt 108B

Patt 108B

Patt 109A

Patt 109B (silver)

Patt 110A

Patt 110B

Patt 201A

Patt 201B

Patt 202A

Patt 202B

Patt 203A

Patt 203B

Patt 204A

Patt 204B

Patt 205A

Patt 205B

Patt 206A

Patt 206B

Patt 207A

Patt 207B

Patt 208A

Patt 208B

Patt 209A

Patt 209B

Patt 210A

Patt 210B

Patt 301A

Patt 301B

Patt 302A

Patt 302B

Patt 303A (hand-brushed silver background)

Patt 304A

Patt 305A

Patt 305B

Patt 306A (hand-brushed antique gold background)

Patt 306B

Patt 307A

Patt 308A

Patt 309A

Patt 309B

Patt 310A

Patt 310B

Patt CC2 5304

Patt CC2 5307

Patt CC2 5312 (hand-brushed silver background)

Patt CC2 5318

Patt CC2 5324, Palace Gardens

Patt CC2 5344

Patt CC2 5348

Patt CC2 5362

Patt 301C, painting and embroidery.

Patt CC2 EX5 Courtyard

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